Weekly Log #1 — Get Auth UI

Dipen Maharjan
2 min readOct 22, 2023

This week was quite rough. I had a deadline for my client’s project so had to complete that. Having said that, I have completed quite a task for my new SaaS, getauthui.com. This blog is all about that.

As you can see in my Roadmap of Get Auth UI, here are the brief of the tasks that I have completed.

  1. Data Encryption

Ensuring the security of user data is paramount for us at GetAuthUI. This week, we implemented robust encryption measures for our authentication pages. By doing so, we’ve fortified the layers of protection around sensitive information, providing users with greater peace of mind.

2. Integrate Rest API

To further enhance the user experience, we’ve seamlessly integrated a RestAPI into our system. This enables smoother communication between our application and external services, resulting in faster response times and an overall more responsive interface.

3. Integrate Supabase

One of the major highlights of this week was the successful integration of Supabase. This powerful tool brings an array of functionalities to our application, from real-time database capabilities to robust authentication mechanisms. With Supabase in our arsenal, we’re confident in providing users with a cutting-edge experience.

These developments mark significant strides in our ongoing mission to provide a secure, seamless, and feature-rich authentication solution. I am grateful for your continued support and are looking forward to sharing even more exciting updates in the coming weeks.

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